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Her Secret Beautique

Beginners Course

Beginners Course

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Want to learn a new skill set? Join the fastest billion-dollar industry growing. No experience is required/needed. This class is for beginners or artists wanting to learn Karina’s special technique. This hands-on training covers and includes the following:

- Pre and aftercare

- Allergy VS. Irritation 

- Classic Theory

- Adhesive Theory

- Decontamination & Sanitation 

- Retention 101

- Placement of the lashes, removal, lash baths & fills 

- Removal of the lashes

- We will learn YY lash extensions which is a new style of classics

- Mapping & styling 

- Mannequin & Live model demonstration

- Lifetime mentorship

- 15% Off all products 


In this training you will recieve:

- Full Lash Trays 

- Lash Tweezers

- Lash tapes

- In depth lash manual 50+ pages 

- Fan

- Glue rings

- Lash soap

- Thermometer

- Selfie light 

- Lash tile

- Gel remover

- Lash Glue

- Bonder

- Lash mirror 


The kit alone is worth $350+ because of all the items I give out 



Day 1-

Classic theory: 9am-12:30pm

Lunch: 12:30-1pm

Classic & YY practice: 1-3pm


DAY 2- 

I will perform a Live demonstration to begin 

& we will learn the in depth of layering, texturizing, curls, wrapping the fan, retention 

& practice on the mannequin  

Model day

Which is hands on model day, correctly prepping the client, starting application, & supervised application 

*You are responsible for providing your own model this day. If you are having issues or trouble finding a model please let me know in advance to try and accommodate one for you.*


All trainings are held at our suite in Downtown Fort Worth.


If choosing to finance please choose “Shop Pay” at checkout.



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Classic Lash Training: February 10 & 11th

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Lash Lift & Tint: March 29th

Classic Lash Training: April 5 & 6th

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Master Lash Training: April 27 & 28th

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